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IGN: Ekarl
about 1 month ago

After a long time the survival server underwent maintenance, Now the survival server has been opened to the public. However, for the time being players will not be able to access the crates. Players who get crate keys can keep them until we release all crates.


For your information, we have changed the donation system in this server to a credit donation system. We have replaced all ranks in our Store Page to credits. This credit system has been synchronized for all servers under OneVenture MC. This means that the credit you buy in our StorePage will be stored in the database server and you can use the credit anywhere under the OneVenture MC server that provides the Credit Store.


What can I do with credits?

The credits you get can be used to buy donator rank, player perks and also custom items in the server.


Can I buy in-game money using credits?

No, we do not allow conversion of credits value to in-game money because credits value is real currency value and In-game money is just a game currency value.


Can I buy a crate key using credits?

Not at all! We do not allow players to use real money for gambling purposes! Credits are only used for fixed price purchases where you don't have to rely on luck (gambling) to get rank, perks or items.


How do I access the credit store?

You can access a server's credit store by joining that server and running the command [/credits store] in-game. If you want to access the credit store for the survival server, you need to join the survival server first! We don't sync the credit store for all our servers! We only synchronize credit values!


Have any questions? Don't hesitate to take a support ticket in the discord server! Our Support Team will help you!

p/s: player can use 1.19.1 client to connect to our server, however Chat Reporting function will be disabled by default. We recommend you to use 1.19 version for the better gaming experience!