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Survival Server Season 2 Opening Announcement
 Ekarl •   13 days ago •  17

After a long time the survival server underwent maintenance, Now the survival server has been opened to the public. However, for the time being players will not be able to access the crates. Players who get crate keys can keep them until we release all crates.


For your information, we have changed the donation system in this server to a credit donation system. We have replaced all ranks in our Store Page to credits. This credit system has been synchronized for all servers under OneVenture MC. This means that the credit you buy in our StorePage will be stored in ...

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Players still have access to the server! Announcement
 Ekarl •   23 days ago •  31

For you information, our server is still accessible to the public. You may still join the vanilla server to play with friends before the Season 2 Survival server is released. Prior to this, we were unaware that the majority of players were unable to connect the server since the maintenance mode we enabled on the survival server blocked most of you from joining our whole server. Regardless, this issue has been resolved, and you may now connect to the server.

We sincerely regret the inconvenience. We hope that players may now report any network connection difficulties that may arise on this server.

Thank You.

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OneVenture's 1.19 Survival and Fantasy Overhaul Announcement
 Ekarl •   about 1 month ago •  38

Hello everyone! 

Survival will be reset as to make way for 1.19 update. The reset will occurs at 16th of July (Saturday) at 12:00 AM, hence survival will have minimal support and no development since the day onward till the re-opening date, bringing a bunch of new and exciting features to further improve your experience and gameplay. Re-opening will be anytime after a week of the reset date. Cheers ! 

We are dropping some support and development for Fantasy server to allocate more resources and work force toward a bigger and better project (separate from survival development). This project will be one of the biggest and most time consuming project we have ever partake. Further information will be announce lat...

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Opening of Vanilla Server Announcement
 Ekarl •   about 1 month ago •  54

Hello, and welcome to 1.19 era! All players are now welcome to join the Vanilla 1.19 server. This is a server that doesnt use any plugins (SMP Server). However, despite the fact that the vanilla server isnt an anarchy server, the rules that govern our servers are still in effect. This server will always be one that receives the most recent updates from Mojang since the vanilla server doesnt have a plugin of its own. So, tell me, what exactly are you waiting for? Grab your sword, and go out to discover the new features that were included in version 1.19 alongside your friends.


PS: This server doesnt support bedrock players!

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Happy EId Al-Fitr
 Ekarl •   3 months ago •  120

May millions of lights illuminate your life and heart with eternal joy and happiness. Warm wishes on Selamat Hari Raya to our muslim members!


OneVenture MC

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